AGPtek Six Hummingbird Solar LED Wind Chimes

I really love hummingbirds, the tinkling of windchimes and solar lighting so this AGPtek Solar Windchime was absolutely perfect for me. There are 6 clear hummingbirds on the windchime and each one has very bright LED lighting inside them. The hummingbirds change color and are very beautiful, especially at night.



When it arrived I had to charge it in direct sunlight for about 10 hours and then it worked all night. There is a switch that has to be switched into the “ON” position then the windchime will automatically light up at night and go off the next morning to recharge.



Each LED light has a lifespan of about 100,000 hours so this should last for a really long time. I haven’t had any issues with mine at all and I just love looking at it so I hung it up outside my living room window. This is the perfect gift for anyone that loves hummingbirds or windchimes.

If you would like purchase the AGPtek windchime it’s currently $17.99 on Amazon at the following links.

Product received for evaluation purposes.




PetExpert Retractable Dog Leash with FREE COLLAR

We have a furbaby named Sweetie that we dearly love so we needed a really durable and reliable leash with which to walk her.  Our Sweetie is very high energy so we love that the lesh from PetExpert can be easily operated with one hand it has a brake that works wonderfully for our needs.



My daughter can easily walk our dog with this leash and keep her from going to far ahead. The leash is 16ft long and it’s made from nylon ribbon, they also give you a free dog collar made from the same material but it was a little loose on our baby. The lease works best for pets up to 110lbs.  Our Sweetie weighs about 20lbs and other than the loose collar this worked perfectly.  The brake is easily operated while holding onto the handle and stops perfectly every time. It also retracts easily and we haven’t had any problems with it tangling so far.

(Sidenote: the collar fit my fiance perfectly LOL)

You can purchase this leash with the free collar on Amazon for $12.98.


Product received for evaluation purposes.

Wingswind Belly Band Holster

My fiance is an avid gun enthusiast. We live in a very rural area where you need to have protection against wild animals (in this day and age sometimes you need protection from 2-legged animals too) 🙂 He was really happy to get to try out this Belly Band Holster from WingsWind.


This holster can be worn in many different ways: under or over your clothes, on your side, in the small of your back, up high like a shoulder holster, etc. It’s a very soft material and it fits up to a 54″ circumference. It can be adjusted for either right hand or left hand use as well, and it works for either a man or a woman.

There is also space for your magazine in the pouch. It will hold small up to large pistols or revolvers. It’s made of a durable neoprene fabric and comes with a 60 day guarantee.

It’s perfect for when you need to carry your weapon, for whatever reason, and it’s very comfortable and lightweight.

If you would like to purchase the WingsWind Belly Band Holster it’s currently $12.93 on Amazon at the following links.




Fitnate Inflatable Travel Pillow

We love to travel and inevitably you find yourself needing a good pillow to rest your head on in the car, plane, or train. This one looks kinda weird but it’s really comfortable and it comes with it’s own carrying pouch.FitnateInflatableTravelPillow2.JPG

You will need to either blow it up by mouth (takes about 10 puffs of air) or with an airpump but it’s easy to inflate or deflate and it’s very soft. It’s made of a thick durable yet soft material and it’s also waterproof. There is an opening on the front that cradles your face and you place your hands inside it to rest them comfortably while you sleep.

If you just don’t want to be bothered then this pillow is perfect for that as well. You can read or play on your phone while resting your head in the opening, this is great for those airplane trips with strangers.

The travel bag easily will clip onto your luggage or it’s small enough to throw in a purse or bookbag.

You can purchase the FitNate Travel Pillow on Amazon for $16.99.



Product received for evaluation purposes.


Winis Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover


We live in a rural area and my fiance loves to spend as much time as possible outside, whether it’s hunting, fishing, or camping. When he goes he takes his backpack with him because you always need a good backpack filled with emergency essentials. He also needs to make sure that those essentials stay clean and dry, that’s where the Winis Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover comes in handy. It fits over all his things and keeps them dry as well as clean from dust and mud.



The cover comes in 2 sizes as well as 2 colors, we have the blue large cover. It fits a pack that’s 30L up to 90L. The pack in the picture is 37L and he also has a backpack, machete and other stuff attached to the pack, and the cover completely covered it all. The Winis backpack cover is also tear resistant, which is great to prevent your cover from getting snagged and torn in the woods.

If you would like to purchase a Winis cover they are currently $7.99-$9.99 on Amazon, depending on size.


Product received for evaluation purposes.

Techno Single Torch Slant Jet Flame Windproof Pattern Lighter

I don’t smoke but I really love these windproof lighters from Techno Torch. We do a lot of outdoor activities such as camping or just enjoying the outside, we live in a very rural area so we have campfires and such.



I love that these lighters are refillable and since we live in the country the camo design is just our style. 🙂 It does arrive empty so you will need to buy butane to fill it when it arrives.  The flame is adjustable and their is a lock on the side, to prevent anyone from accidentally lighting the lighter.

If you are outside you will love the fact that it’s windproof, so even on those cold windy nights you can still light your campfire. I use mine a lot inside my home as well. I’m an avid candle lover and have them burning all the time. Since this is a torch I can get the wick lit even if it’s burned down low in the jar.

If you would like to purchase this lighter you can at the following link, they are currently $9.90 on Amazon.


Product received for evaluation purposes.


Techno Torch Quadruple Torch Slant Jet Flame Windproof Lighter

We don’t smoke but we frequently need a good dependable lighter whether we are at home or on the go. At home I use these lighters for lighting candles or maybe lighting the stuff if the power goes out.


This Techno Torch lighter is easily refilled and it’s very compact so you can store it easily too. Did I mention it’s windproof? It is and that’s makes it the perfect lighter to take with you when you are camping too.

The flame is adjustable and there is a cap to cover the lighter end; it’s attached with a chain so you won’t lose it. We received the silver color but they also have gold, blue, black, & red. You don’t get to choose the color you want though because they just randomly ship them out & I would have preferred to be able to choose my own color, other than that it’s a good dependable lighter.

If you would like to purchase your own  Techno Torch click the blue links, they are currently $14.99 on Amazon.



Product received for evaluation purposes.