WEWILL LED Stuffed Animal Baby Pegasus W/Timer

I LOVE love love this adorable cuddly Baby Pegasus that I recently received from WEWILL. (They also have a super cute & cuddly unicorn that is purple available too). The baby pegasus stands 11 inches tall and is pink with purple accents. It runs on 2AA batteries that are not included.




On the back of the pegasus it says I “Heart” You and the toy is so cuddly and soft that it’s perfect for all ages. Other than the hangtag there is nothing that can cause a choking hazard. Its very well-made and seems durable. The battery compartment is located in the back of the pegasus and that closes up with velcro. There are 2 on/off switches (1 on the battery compartment & 1 on the right front leg). The pegasus has a built-in timer and will automatically turn off after 30 minutes to save your batteries.

I love watching the LED lights change colors, especially at night, it’s very soothing and would be perfect as a night light for your little one. The LED lights are located in the cheeks, head, side and legs.

You can purchase this adorable stuffed animal from the following links and it’s on sale for only $16.99.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0747PX4JY or




Survival Hax 1000 Lumens Tactical LED Flashlight w/Rechargeable Battery & Charger

We live in the Deep South and we get tornadoes, sudden torrential downpours of rain, & hurricanes, so it’s always a good idea to have a dependable flashlight on-hand. I really like this one from Survival Hax because I’ve dropped it a dozen times and it still works, I’ve also been out in the rain with it and have had no problems.



The flashlight has a zoom lens & is 1000 lumens so you can see up to 300 ft in the pitch black. There is also 5 modes: High, Med, Low, Strobe, & SOS. It’s made of aircraft aluminum alloy, that’s why it’s so light yet durable and it’s waterproof & dustproof. Survival Hax gives you the battery and the charger but also an adapter so you can you use 3 AAA batteries if you choose.  This flashlight is built to last and is only $29.99 on Amazon.



Tactical LED Flashlight


Parateck Thick Performance Athletic Socks

My fiance is a mechanic & is on his feet all day at work, so it’s important for him to have comfortable well-cushioned socks. I’m a stay-at-home mom but am on the go a lot and my feet get tired, so we were both extremely happy that Parateck sent us these 2 pairs of these sock. We both tried them and we both love them.



The socks are made of cotton, spandex, & nylon; so they are not only comfy (soft & stretchy) but they fit like a glove. They are so soft and comfy I like wearing them all day (my feet get cold easily). We both really like that they are cushioned in the toe area & the arch area for maximum comfort, as well as the ball of the foot. These socks are marketed toward people who play sports but I say they are for anyone who loves comfy socks that give you the feeling of your feet being softly hugged.


The material is also moisture wicking to help keep your feet dry and to cut down on bacteria growing as well as odor. The Parateck Thick Performance Athletic Socks are sized for both men and women. There are 3 sizes to choose from up to a men’s size 13 or a women’s size 14. You can get 2 pairs of socks (1 red & 1 black) for only $13.99 on Amazon.


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Survival Hax 4-in-1 Tactical LED Pen with Glassbreaker

I really like being prepared for any emergency and that’s why I recommend everyone carry a tactical pen (male & female). The Survival Hax tactical pen is not only a great writing pen, it flows very evenly (it’s also refillable), but it’s so so much more.


We all find ourselves in situations where we need a little extra light…..in a restaurant, unlocking our car doors, etc and this tactical pen has a built-in LED light that is very bright. Also it has a clip so you can clip it to your shirt pocket or the inside of your purse for easy accessibility.


On the end there is a glass-breaker and I hope I never have to use the pen for that purpose but it’s better to have it and not need than to need it and not have it. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to break your window to save yourself, a loved one, or maybe a trapped animal inside a car.

Also there is a flint inside, in case you need to start a fire & the last feature is used for self-defense, you take the metal end and jab your assailant  with it.

For only $19.99 you can get this for yourself or give it as a gift & show that you care about their safety.

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Survival Hax 10-n-1 Paracord Keychain w/Waterproof Pill Bottle


I was recently sent this great little gadget form Survival Hax & boy does it come in handy, especially in an emergency. We live in the Deep South in the COUNTRY but this tool can come in  handy anywhere. It has a clip so you can attach to your keys, backpack, belt loop, etc or you can just as easily stash it in a purse or glove box.





The keychain features a waterproof pill bottle but you can put other things you want to protect in there too. It comes with all the tools you need to fish inside the bottle, including a saw to make a homemade fishing pole. These are great survival tools if you are ever stuck in the wild somewhere. The paracord will hold up to 550 lbs in case you need a strong rope, just unwind it from the clip and there’s also an emergency whistle so you can let others know that you need help. In addition there is tinder and a ferro rod so you can start a fire for warmth or to cook your meal.

If you would like purchase this great little emergency preparedness tool it’s currently only $14.99 on Amazon.


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Onairmall Cute Crown Skull Earrings

My daughter loves skull jewelry (as do I) so I knew she would absolutely love this cute pair of skull earrings. The earrings come with either blue or red stones and my daughter chose the red ones. Each earrings has a three pronged crown atop the skull and each crown is adorned with a clear cz.


These are the perfect earrings for anyone that loves skulls or skeletons. You can wear them with your dressier clothes or at work to show off your fun quirky side. They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear as well. The backs are your normal earring back. If you have allergies to certain earrings then I would suggest coating the backs and stud with a clear nail polish and you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you would like a pair of these cute earrings they are currently only $7.69 on Amazon.


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Survivalhax Portable Water Filter Bag

My family likes to camp & go fishing but inevitably sometimes we run out of water & we were really excited to try this water filter bag from Survivalhax.com. This bag or just the straw (it fits onto a standard water bottle too) is great for any emergency kit as well & the company sends you a fire starter flint as well.


The filter will filter out 99.999% of all bacteria in even muddy water, so you can survive if you are stranded without drinkable water. The unit will filter 1,000 liters of water or last for 5 years (whichever comes first). The bag & straw weigh almost nothing and will easily store in your survival kit or even in a glove box (you never know what will happen so it’s best to be prepared).

We tested it out at a creek and the water was drinkable, the best part was no one in the family got sick!!!!! This product works great. You can use it over and over again so it’s a great value for your money too.

If you would like to purchase your own Portable Water Filter Bag they are currently $18.99.

Portable Water Filter Bag

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